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.I Know it, Someday, You Will Miss Me.

Friday, May 25, 2012 Friday, May 25, 2012 10 Atashinci(s)


Morning guys and good day to u. How are u.? 
Last night, my place heavy rain until me can't to sleep. So scared. 
Fortunately, not to long time, and I go to sleep again.
When rain coming and sometimes lightning also coming, I must scared. I want who people love me coming to me and help me for the heavy rain and lightning others than parents.
Even though, I know, I don't have anyone who love me. But someday when I'm already married, my husband can help me from heavy rain ^______^ .

I don't know why I'm too scared with heavy rain, but sometimes I like shower rain time =) . Just forget it.
Time macam nie lah old memories coming and I miss people who love me before this. I'm really miss. I know, satu hari nanti awak pasti akan merindui saye seperti mana sye merindui awak sekarang.

I know, apa yang terjadi pada sye sekarang, pasti ada hikmah di sebalik ini sume. And I know, Allah want to give something special to me and I know, Allah know the best for me.


Mum : Sabar, ini semua liku-liku dalam kehidupan. Allah tahu ape yang t'baik utk dri kamu. Semua yg t'jadi pasti ade hikmahnya. Bersabarlah. Satu hari nanti pasti akan terjawab.
Me : Terima kasih ibu ;(


p/s: ibu tetap no.1. Time kter eppy pasti dye ade and time kte sedeyh, dye juga slalu di sisi kte. I LOVE my Mum.

Terima Kasih sudi membaca :)

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