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Mega Tech Giveaway By MizzsNinie, CikMun And DrFara

Friday, June 1, 2012 Friday, June 01, 2012 3 Atashinci(s)


Semalam Zeeta join segmen. Arinie pulak Zeeta join Giveaway from blog Cik Mun .
Rase teringin nak join and menang. Ader-ader jer kan Zeeta nieyh.. Hehehe. 
Harap-harap awak sume support la Zeeta yer.  Agar Zeeta dapat. Zeeta join nie tuk cuba naseb.

Awak sumer leyh  msuk blog Cik Mun kalau nak join :)
Meyh join ramai-ramai tuk meriahkan lagi Giveaway nie. hehe

Zeeta na tag 5 rakan blogger Zeeta yang sempat Zeeta terjah mereka:
good luck uolls :)

Haaaa.. tahniah awak sume sebab dapat tag dari Zeeta :)
Good Luck ^___^
chaiyok..chaiyok.. hehe

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